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Dealing with a mortgage is demanding on your part when you have to provide all the information. This checklist will help you be prepared for anything your mortgage broker or lender asks from you during the mortgage process. These are all the bits and pieces of information needed to determine your mortgage loan amount and rate. To make things simpler, the list is broken down into subcategories.


This includes your purchase agreement, MLS copy, listing contract (applicable if you are selling your current home), copy of your HUD-1 (applicable if you already sold your home.

Income & Assets

You will need a pay stub from the last 30+ days, employment references for the past 2 years, your W-2s for this year, statements for any bank or investment accounts for the last 90+ days, an estimated value of your belongings, and any information on your business if you have one.


Names, addresses, account numbers, balances, and current monthly payments.

Personal Documents

Photo ID and Social Security Number, your address(es) for the last 2 years, your divorce decree (if applicable), a copy of your green card if you are not a citizen on the US.

To keep things easier on yourself, it’s best to keep everything in one place (like a file) for fast and easy access. Cut down on time by having your information ready and you won’t have to worry about last minute anxiety. You want to be prompt when asked for information by your lender. Things like filling out your application honestly will make things go smoother as well. If you tell the truth about your situation (especially your credit situation) and what expenses you are able to handle, the less chance of problems you will run into down the mortgage process.

Try not to make big financial changes like a big purchase or getting a new job. Save your big purchase for after the closing to keep your credit worthy. Job consistency is a large factor for a lender to decide whether or not you are suitable to loan to. Depending on your job change, it may raise some concern with your lender. Keeping your money relatively stationary is important, so things like bank changes are a no-no. You will be required to provide several months worth of bank statements so staying with your current bank is better for the meantime. Lastly, make sure you don’t brush off your lender’s requirements. A lot of information is needed and the lender can’t proceed without knowing all the answers. Handing over the documents needed is necessary for acquiring your home loan.

As a Chicago mortgage broker, helping you get from point A to point B is my job. Getting your mortgage loan is a huge deal and a very personal situation. You can trust me to guide you through the process. As long as you are in a good place and can provide the documents needed, there is no reason you can’t dominate your mortgage loan.